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Warriors of Goodness Needed

The socio-political-cultural issues that spark conflict and global instability are clearly widespread, deeply rooted, and seemingly complex. And, they're scary. And infuriating.


Perhaps the answer lies in a "grass roots," passionate effort to eliminate the objectification of others, and recognize, somehow, that we're way more alike (and typically yearning to feel deeply loved, highly valued, and securely connected), than we are different.

The culture of any organization typically follows the values and practices of its leadership, coupled with the consistency of the message and how it aligns with daily actions (I think we all long for a culture of respectful dialogue amongst the leadership of our country as we wade through our myriad differences).

But often, the genesis of real change comes from the commitment of the collective to something better. I personally may not be able to move the political/social "discourse" spewing from the media into the realm of productivity and real change for the better. I personally may not be able to eliminate senseless acts of violence that plague the planet. I personally may not be able to diffuse power plays and the righteous indignation of dictators or extremists, hell-bent on pursuing their own agenda, regardless of whatever human life that stands in the way.

But...I can do something.

I can treat my spouse, my family, my friends, my neighbors, and even those with differing values, viewpoints, opinions, etc., with genuine respect. I can listen and understand without taking offense. I can look for and acknowledge the good in others. I can refuse to engage in pointless and off-the-mark exchanges that flow from ignorant reactivity to headlines without really knowing the issue (or the truth). I can be an active voice for tolerance and kindness in my community. I can serve others. I can be involved in local politics, and support representatives who also want to genuinely make a positive difference and raise a stronger voice in favor of humanity, rather than for their own personal gain.

I can see people as people.

And you can too.

Let's stop the dehumanization of others. Let's treat others the way you would want them to treat your children. Let's reclaim civility and respect. Let's do our best to instill hope and inspire excellence in our little corners of the world, and witness the greatness around us.


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