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Meet the crew.

We are passionate about creating a life of purpose, and helping others do the same. Life is short - and full of opportunities! Sometimes, we just need supportive mentors and advisers to help chart a course toward a more fulfilling life. Let us help you enhance your skills and confidence to "captain the ship." 

Clark H. Hammond, Ph.D.

Clark is an author, speaker, and relationships strategist. He is a  licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and has spent his professional life helping others find happiness and fulfillment in a variety of settings and contexts. He loves the concepts of redemption, forgiveness, silver linings, and personal empowerment - principles he has been fortunate to witness over and over.

Tyra Hammond
Operations Manager

Tyra expertly blends critical organizational skills with a caring and personal approach in her work. She not only effectively keeps things moving organizationally, but she also works with many of our female clients and couples  in their quest to craft intentional lives.  

Jenessa Zohner
Empowerment Mentor

Jenessa is the founder of Skyward Mentoring - her private coaching practice for individuals looking to establish and reach their life's dreams. Her caring, genuine way with others, coupled with an ability to guide clients beyond their limiting beliefs is a powerful combination.  

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